These ultra thin gaming mouse pads are great

So just recently I had the task of looking for and testing out some new mouse pads as the pads we usual use seem to be no longer available anywhere.

The SteelSeries 4HD professional Gaming Mouse Pad was the pad we would buy as it was durable, hard-wearing and kept relatively clean, unlike soft cloth pads which become grimy in a short space of time, especially if the are well used.

So after some research these ultra thin gaming mouse pads were spotted and purchased to be tested. They turned out to be a lot better than expected.

The Perixx DX 2100 Ultra Thin gaming mouse pad.

The Perixx DX 2100 comes in three sizes, medium, large and extra-large. They are so thin that if you are sat at a small desk they can easily fit under your keyboard and your keyboard will still feel level.

They have an adhesive bottom so they can be stuck to your desk to stop any sliding about, however they can be easily peeled off and re-stuck to the desk, they are not superglued to the desk as some other mouse mats with an adhesive bottoms sometimes feel like. You should make sure your desk is clean before sticking the DX 2100 down though.

The mouse glides over these pads with ease, great for gaming or even just for day-to-day PC work.

Out of the three sizes, small and medium are probably best in my opinion depending the space available on your desk. Extra large just seemed too big, but that’s not so say it would suit some people.

They are available to buy on Amazon.

What do you think are the best gaming mouse pads/mats out there today?



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