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Monster Hunter World Elder Dragons Trailer

  In just a few weeks time the highly anticipated new Capcom game, Monster Hunter World, will be officially launching and available to play on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC systems from...


New PS4 Shooter Announced For VR At PSX 2017

PlayStation Experience 2017 kicked off with the reveal of a squad-based shooter for PlayStation VR called Firewall Zero Hour. This multiplayer shooter looks to capitalize on the growing success of Rainbow Six Siege with...


Playstation 4 Pro vs Xbox One X

  If you are still undecided on which top-of-the-line games console to purchase this holiday season you may be interested in this quick 10 minute Playstation 4 Pro vs Xbox One X comparison video...


Mega Man 11 Launching In Late 2018

  Capcom has today announced that the Mega Man 11 team will be launching late in 2018 just in time for the Blue Bomber’s 30th anniversary and will be available to play on the...


Best games to play more than once.

I have just finished Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, I did like it even if it was quite short.  Although to be honest it was intended to be an Uncharted 4 DLC before Naughty Dog...


PS Plus and Xbox Gold games announced for November

Sony have eventually announced the free games available for Playstation Plus subscribers for November. They will become available from November 7th. Xbox Gold also announced what free games will be available for gold subscribers...

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