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9 Best Gaming Hardware Releases In 2017

Gamespot takes a look at the 9 best gaming hardware of 2017 2017 will be remembered as one of the best years for games, but great tech and hardware came out as well. Microsoft...


The Best PC Games of 2017

As we rapidly head towards the end of 2017 Reza of ProFanBoy lists the 10 best pc games 2017 had to offer. The year 2017 was a renaissance in many ways for certain genres...


The best tablet for you

Are you looking to buy a new tablet? It maybe a little too last minute to buy one for Christmas so maybe the after the Christmas sales you may find some good deals on...


The Five Best VR Games Of 2017

2017 marked the second year that VR has been widely available to consumers. Shooting galleries and driving simulators continued to dominate the platform, but the biggest innovation this year was the execution of larger,...


The Five Best Switch Games Of 2017

This year was a massive success for Nintendo largely thanks to the release of the Switch. The convertible console capitalized on the framework established by its predecessor, delivering on the promise of its hybrid...


Best games to look forward to in 2017

So as this is my very first post on here and were still in the first month of a new year, I think it would be a good way to kick things off by...

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