NVIDIA Titan V Benchmarks Are Impressive


NVIDIA Titan V Benchmarks

Last week NVIDIA unveiled their new $3,000 graphics card which takes the form of the NVIDIA Titan V building on the technology previous used in the hugely powerful Titan X graphics card. This week benchmarks for the NVIDIA Titan V have been revealed providing a glimpse of what you can expect in the way of performance from the new graphics card when it becomes available. The graphics card has been put through its paces in Futuremark’s VR Mark “Blue Room” benchmark testing during which it easily delivers a score of 4,400 points. The Tech Power Up website explains a little more about how this compares and other results :

Compared to the benchmark’s own base premium high-end PC scores, that’s a 1,428 points increase, delivering an above 90 FPS experience, something a GTX 1080 Ti wouldn’t be able to achieve under the same settings. On the TimeSpy benchmark, the stock Titan V delivers 11,539 points, around 1,000 points more than the average 10,500 points a GTX 1080 Ti would achieve, paired with the same processor (there are higher 1080 Ti scores, yes; there are also lower.)

The Titan V achieves an average of 65 FPS on max settings at 1440p; an average of 157 FPS on Gears of War 4 on Ultra settings at the same resolution; 76 FPS Average on 1440p, Crazy Preset of the Ashes of The Singularity Benchmark; and a slew of other gaming results that you’d do better in poring through yourself, including Deus Ex: mankind Divided, Fallout 4, XCOM 2, and others.


For more screenshots and full details of all the benchmarks currently available jump over to the Tech Power Up website by following the link below.

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