LA Noire is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Fancy playing LA Noire on a current gen console?  You will soon have the chance.

Rockstar have announced that LA Noire remastered will be released on PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch on November 14th.

They have also announced they will be releasing a virtual reality LA Noire game for the HTC Vive, it will be called ‘LA Noire: The VR Case Files’.  It will be their first VR title release.

The Nintendo Switch version is said to incorporate the original game along with new downloadable content. It will also feature gesture based controls, HD rumble, over the shoulder camera angles and contextual touch screen controls for portable detective work.

The PS4 and XBox One version will be the complete original game with additional downloadable content.  It will also have technical advancements from the original release with greater visual fidelity and authenticity, including enhanced lighting and clouds, new cinematic camera angles, high-resolution textures and a lot more.  Basically it has been remastered to look better for the current gen consoles.

Will you be buying the game?

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