Fake Netflix app allows hackers to read your text and take your photo

If you happen to download apps from a third-party app stores you need to be on your guard as a fake Netflix app has been created by cyber criminals which allows them to read your texts, listen in to your conversations and take photos of you without you knowing.

Internet security company Zscaler discovered the malware hidden inside a fake Netflix app. The app had been created with the SpyNote Trojan builder which appeared on the Dark Web last year.

After installing the app the icon looks identical to a Netflix app on your phone or tablet and when the icon is clicked the icon disappears which makes it look like the app has removed itself from your device.

However, what happens is a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) is installed which allows hackers to access and take over your device.

They can steal your contacts, read your text messages listen in to you conversations, take photo’s and they also have the ability to remove other apps.

Zscaler say that the fake app was only found on third-party app stores and not on the official google play store.

Zscaler do also warn that the threat could spread to other third-party apps in the very near future.

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