Civilization 6: Rise And Fall’s New Georgia Civ Revealed

Civilization VI‘s Rise and Fall expansion is coming out in about a month, and today Firaxis revealed that Georgia will be a new playable civilization included in the DLC. As with all civs, Georgia will have a unique unit, structure, and abilities.

The civilization’s leader is Tamar, who reigned as Queen of Georgia in the late 12th and early 13th centuries. In real life, she helped unify a divided kingdom and strengthen a national culture, and she is canonized in the Georgian Orthodox Church.

In the game, she has the Glory of the World, Kingdom, and Faith ability, which allows her to declare a Protectorate War after the Theology Civic is attained. Troops gain bonus Faith after such a war is declared, and the entire civilization gains bonuses as they spread the religion. Finally, Envoys sent to a city-state of the majority religion have double the effect.

Georgia’s unique unit is the Khevsureti, a warrior dressed in chainmail and wielding sword, axe, and buckler. The shield has a cross on it, and it’s darkly colored to keep the warrior hidden in the night. The Khevsureti get a Combat Strength bonus and also incur no movement penalty on hills. Its unique building, meanwhile, is called the Tsikhe, which is a replacement for Renaissance Walls. It raises outer defense levels, grants Faith, and has a lower production cost than the walls.

Finally, Georgia’s civ ability is called Strength in Unity, which gives a bonus for Dedications. When you make a Dedication as a Golden Moment begins, you receive its Normal Age bonus toward increasing the Era Score as well as its Golden Age bonus.

Rise and Fall launches on February 8 for PC, and it comes with seven other Civilizations. Among the others are the Cree, Mongolia, and the Netherlands. The expansion will also change the late game and add a Loyalty system, new types of alliances, Governors, and more.

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Source: Gamespot 

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