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Shadow wants to make the PC obsolete

While it works with nearly any modern PC, Mac or smartphone, the Shadow service also runs on its own hardware. Since the dawn of the PC, the debate over the merits of having processing-rich...


Life is Strange: Before the Storm Review

With the final episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm now released this is Gadgets360’s review of the series. “What would Chloe do?” was a question I asked myself repeatedly during the three...


9 Best Gaming Hardware Releases In 2017

Gamespot takes a look at the 9 best gaming hardware of 2017 2017 will be remembered as one of the best years for games, but great tech and hardware came out as well. Microsoft...


The Best PC Games of 2017

As we rapidly head towards the end of 2017 Reza of ProFanBoy lists the 10 best pc games 2017 had to offer. The year 2017 was a renaissance in many ways for certain genres...


Hello Neighbor Review

Imagine you’re a small child in a quiet suburb, playing in the street on an idyllic afternoon. Suddenly, there’s a terrible shrieking from your neighbor’s house across the road. You run over and peek...

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