Cuphead! A game that gives me anger issues

I have never really been an angry gamer. Even when playing Call of Duty and constantly getting killed I stay relatively calm, maybe a swear word or ten comes out of my mouth.

However, Cuphead is a game which frustrates the hell out of me.  It’s a great game and very addictive, to me it is anyway, and I’m often tempted to throw the controller through the screen after I have died 10 times and only managing to make it halfway through a level. It is a tough game and maybe I am just rubbish at it which is making it almost impossible.

So anyway I have been hunting around for some help and tips and trying to find the best controls configuration.

The configuration I found the best was just to change shoot to right trigger and dash to left bumper, leave the rest of the controls as default.

Here are a few other recommended configurations which may help you find a natural solution.


Suggestion 1

A – Jump

X – Shoot

RIght Bumper – Lock

Right Trigger – Ex Shot

Left Bumper – Dash

Left Trigger – Switch Weapon


Suggestion 2

A – Jump

B- Dash

Left Bumper – Switch Weapon

Left Trigger – Lock

Right Bumper – Ex Shoot

Right Trigger – Shoot


Suggestion 3

A – Jump

X – Shoot

Left Bumper Switch Weapon

Left Trigger – Ex Shot

Right Bumper – Lock

RIght Trigger – Dash


Do you have a better configuration you would recommend?


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